75 cl of Loire

75 cl of terroir

This is a very typical wine of the appellation, with a bouquet that exudes delicate fruity aromas. The ruby color is deep.

The supple and mellow tannins offer a round wine, with a finish dominated by elegant red fruit notes.

A wine of pleasure par excellence.

Grape variety : cabernet franc

Soil : sand and gravel

Serving temperature : 15 to 17°C


With an average age of 25 years, the vines are carefully disbudded and stripped of leaves to reach perfect maturity.

The harvest is received by gravity and totally destemmed before maceration. Loading the press with containers removes the pump. This wine is then racked several times and gently filtered before bottling.


This beautiful St-Nicolas de Bourgueil will perfectly suit your delicatessen, grilled meats or even world cuisine. You can even consider a full meal with this cuvée at ease in all circumstances. The perfect choice to accompany a good farm chicken for example.

Always have a few bottles handy for your meals with friends.


Vin Saint-Nicolas de Bourgueil avec charcuterie
Saint-Nicolas de Bourgueil vin léger et fruité
Vin Saint-Nicolas de Bourgueil et viande blanche



The powerful and complex aromas sets the tone of this cuvée. Dominated by raspberry and blackcurrant, it reveals subtle toasted notes. The tannic structure is straight and imposing. Round and wrapped at the attack, it expresses its power in a perfectly balanced finish. A rich and expressive wine that reveals the potential of Cabernet Franc.

Grape variety : cabernet franc

Soil : deep gravel in the La Taille area

Serving temperature : 17 - 18°C


Selection from our oldest vines, some of which are over 80 years old.

The leaf removal is carried out manually and completed by a rigorous control of the bunches. The totally destemmed harvest macerates for about 3 weeks.

The vatting and loading of the press are done gravitationally. The wine is clarified during the maturing process and then bottled by us.

Natural cork stopper 49 mm.


This St-Nicolas de Bourgueil Vieilles Vignes will delight lovers of good food, generously accompanying a beef, a stew or a duck with turnips. The best vintages develop a complex bouquet after several years in the cellar, and are revealed on a cheese platter.

Simply enjoy another good glass of this cuvée by the fire.


Vin Saint-Nicolas de Bourgueil Vieilles vignes et viande
Vin Saint-Nicolas de Bourgueil Vieilles vignes
Vin Saint-Nicolas de Bourgueil et fromage



A salmon colored dress inviting to a tasting. Intense aromas of flowers and white fruits of surprising purity. Beautiful harmony between roundness and freshness supported by a pleasant light sparkle.

A delicacy to be enjoyed from spring onwards.

Grape variety : cabernet franc

Soil : sand and gravel

Serving temperature : 8 to 10°C


L'Échappée comes exclusively from bleeding on our red tanks. It is a matter of taking a fraction of the grape juice after a night of vatting. This short maceration is sufficient to give the rosé its colour and delicate aromas, and to enhance the potential of red wines by concentrating polyphenols in a smaller volume.

A maturing period of 7 to 8 weeks on fine lees gives aromatic and rounded expression to this dry rosé.


Fine and aromatic, this St-Nicolas de Bourgueil zero sugar rosé guarantees a successful aperitif, which can continue with your raw vegetables and grilled salads.

Fish and seafood make the most of its freshness.Try it out with Asparagus from the Loire Valley, as well.


Saint-Nicolas de Bourgueil et poisson
Saint-Nicolas de Bourgueil et repas d'été
Saint-Nicolas de Bourgueil et grillades

Vin médaille d'or Paris

Nuances de Grès

The frank attack reveals a wine with a fleshy fruitiness mixed with aromas of violet.

The sweet palate offers a fine and straight tannin grain. It evolves gracefully towards a hint of havana and undergrowth, balanced by notes of liquorice and crushed pepper.

Grape variety : pure cabernet franc

Soil : grassy clayey gravel

Serving temperature : 17 - 18°C


Nuances de Grès was born from my desire to raise a pure Cabernet Franc while respecting its aromatic expression. In this quest for the absolute, I looked for a container used at the origins of winemaking 8,000 years ago: the amphora. What could be more original than a material derived from water, earth and fire?

Made from carefully selected white clays and baked at 1200°C, the sandstones (Grès in French) used for this cuvée ensure a slow and natural micro-oxygenation, perfectly adapted to the Cabernets de Loire.


Enjoy this bottle with particularly with veal, a roasted capon with chestnuts or simply a piece of meat. Pairing it with Brie de Meaux (including when used in sauces) is also an excellent choice.

Nuances de Grès is undoubtedly a bottle to open during a tasting evening with friends.


Vin rouge avec veau
Dégustation de vin Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil
Vin rouge Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil avec fromage

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